Our program

AYO, Adopt Your Olive Tree, runs an olive tree adoption program for olive trees grown in different parts of Greece. People from all over the world are offered the opportunity to adopt one or more olive trees from AYO's olive groves and receive olive oil from their own trees delivered directly from the grove to their door.

The AYO team collaborates with a group of olive farmers with small scale groves where both olive trees and land are cared for with natural means. Olives are handpicked and pressed immediately in traditional local mills, which results in oil of the lowest possible acidity, without chemical additives or any kind of further processing involved. Just pure, natural olive oil of superior quality.

The entire production of these hard-working local farmers enters the AYO program, which in return allows them to maintain their traditional craft alive, while caring for the land in a natural, low impact way. Just as their fathers and their father’s fathers did for generations.

But AYO´s outreach is not only local. Our charity program supports the Athens based "One Child One World", a non-profit organization whose mission is to support children of disadvantaged families of all ethnic, cultural and religious background. AYO oil will be a pure and important staple on their tables, providing nutrients and good health.